Sunday, 30 March 2014

This is our first ever 'Man Crush Monday' on this blog and so I thought what better way to mark this special moment by naming this week's man crush as... Sean O'Pry!

Sean has currently been my crush these past few weeks. He has literally become my obsession and I have like an album on my iPod dedicated to pictures of Sean and let's just say there's a lot of pictures in there.

He's beautiful.

He. Is. The. Definition. Of. Beautiful.

For real. No exaggeration. No bullcrap.

He is utter
perfection. Honestly, there is a reason he's the best paid model in the world. I mean, move over Francisco Lachowski and Simon Nessman. *sigh* I really don't think I can even describe why he's so perfect. I seriously don't know if it's his blue/grey/green/whatever-the-hell-colour eyes or his jaw or hilarious personality (which by the way I don't even know an awful lot of but by watching his interviews you can quickly gather). 

He is seriously the reason I smile. 

So quickly by wrapping this up I'll write a few things I've learnt about Sean.

1. He's a momma's boy and a huge family man which instantly tells you he's a good kid at heart. 

2. He misses his hometown Kennesaw, Georgia.

3. He loves animals which is nice except I'm terrified of animals.

4. He smokes. This normally would make me like a guy less but when Sean smokes he makes it look attractive though you really shouldn't smoke cigs Sean. 

5. He loves to cook which is a huge plus since I can't cook to save my life. 

And that is all from this week's mcm. Come by next Monday to find out next week's and comment below if you have any ideas for our next few man crush Monday's! 

-Ash x
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