Friday, 4 April 2014

Hello my lovely aphroditians!!

So some of you may or may not have heard the latest scandal to hit us fangirls. James bloody Franco chatting up a seventeen year old girl which if it were me I'd be totally chuffed with but you firstly have to see his so called flirting technique!! 

Photo cred:

Is this not creepy to a capital T! Look at that selfie. So awkward too!! And their conversation!!

Let's just talk about his code word language:
"What's the hotel?" "Should I rent a room?" - Where are we doing the dirty? Your place?
Or mine?

"When is your bday?" - Are you a legal eagle?

"Do you have a bf?" - Am I going to get beat up by an angry boyfriend if we do the deed?

So James was pretty much asking for sex from this 17 year old even after she told him her age. For real, James if this girl needs to ask what '#' means she is definitely too young for you, babe. And anyway James you're thirty bloody five, you little male cougar!! What I'm wondering is why he's begging for it when he could get any girl he wanted? Does he really need reminding that he's JAMES FREAKING FRANCO! Every women's man crush and brother of Dave freaking Franco.

I personally think the girl must have lead him on when they met and so he probably straight up just went for it but what do we really know? Nothing sadly so but that picture of James is for a fact creepy as heck!! Bless you James! You must be so embarrassed but honestly don't go for the creepy look, sweetie and next time come down my way when you wanna get down. You don't even need to chat me up. Just say, " I'm that guy all over your tumblr dashboard, James Franco." and I'm all yours ;) 

That is all for now, my lovelies but let me know what you make of James' flirting techniques and your thoughts on it all. I'd love to know. 
-Ash x
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