Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hola amigos!!

Our first ever women crush on this blog because I forget to do last week's. Our first WCW has to be super special since it's our first ever one and so this week the women I've picked is Cara Delevingne.

She's gorgeous, hilarious and I've heard she has an awesome personality. She's dated Harry Styles and Harry only ever hangs out with cool people and that is a fact!! 

You can just tell that she'd be so fun to hang out with just because of all the funny, goofy faces
she pulls when a picture is taken of her. I think it's quite interesting how even though she's a Victoria Secrets model instead of pouting like you'd expect she pulls a funny faces which makes her even more cuter! 

I love Cara's fashion sense which I think would be totally similar to mine if I had her wallet. She dresses quite street but she can just as easily pull out a long, beautiful gown to strut her stuff on the runway.

She's the perfect female role model and I absolutely love her. Here are some things I've learnt about Cara:

  1. She's got a few tattoos that are really cute.
  2. She's a bisexual. Last I heard she was dating Michelle Rodriguez, the fast and furious star. 
  3. She's friends with everyone, from Rihanna to Harry Styles which tells us she's easy to get on with.
  4. She has a sister who also models called Poppy and is just as beautiful as Cara.
  5. She hates the paparazzi but then again what A-lister celeb doesn't.
  6. She was first featured in Vogue at the young age of ten.
  7. She's quite a tomboy.
  8. Her eyebrows are her trademark.
That's our first WCW and I'm actually really happy with my choice. Cara Delevingne is perfect. What do you think of Cara? Comment below! 

-Ash xx
Posted by Unknown On 11:06 2 comments


  1. She is cool!

  2. Love her eyebrows. I love fierce eyebrows
    xx, Jodi


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