Saturday, 5 April 2014

April clothing Wishlist

April clothing Wishlist by aphrodite-baby 

This month I'm absolutely determined to get my hands on more maxi skirts to add to my non-existent collection. I think they're perfect for me as I'm quiet short and really want to seem taller. Also it's spring and perfect for the slightly sunny/windy weather. I also chose printed shirts and crop tops which are awesome for this kind of weather too. By wearing a maxi skirt with a crop top or printed top I think would be well matched together especially with a high waisted maxi skirt.

I've also become more obsessed with backpacks and I really want some more of these little darlings before the summer starts. I adore the bright colored backpacks Victoria Secret's make as they're 100% suited for the summer and anything made by Victoria's Secret is perf for your wardrobe. I really like the striped ones Forever 21 are selling at just £15. Cute backpacks are usually quiet affordable and go with a lot of things.

Oversized hoodies are also desperately needed for my wardrobe. I want to go for the more lazy but still cute look a bit more and oversized hoodies are perfect for this look. I think wearing a cute, printed oversized hoodie with some jeans are easy to carry out and don't really need anything else.

And that is all for my April's clothing wishlist. What's on yours this month?

-Ash x

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