Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bonjour mon poulets! 

So everyone had 'get fit this year' on their 2014 new year resolution list, right? I'm guessing at least 99.9% of you have actually stuck to that goal (admit it!!). So on this post I'll be convincing you on how to commit to it again and what better way to do that than share some of my favourite songs when I'm exercising.

You need something upbeat and loud and with a good chorus for exercising otherwise you'll find yourself bored and wanting to sneak back into your bed.
Keep in mind I may have completely different music tastes than you but here's the list I've made including new, old and varied songs that you will love to jog, swim, Pilate or whatever to.

Some of my favourite songs to exercise to:

Set fire to the rain - Adele
Stronger - Kanye West
Animals - Martin Garrix
Don't you worry, child - Swedish House Mafia
Can't Hold us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Hot n Cold - Katy Perry
Blame it on the Pop - DJ Earworm
This is what it feels like - Armin van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie
Can't remember to forget you - Shakira ft Rihanna

That's what I've come up with so far but if you have any songs you think should be on this list then comment below and I'll add it on to the list. I strongly recommend having an exercise playlist on your iPod, mp3 or whatever where you can easily find favourite songs. This motivates you so much and I usually play my favourite music at the loudest volume while running giving me this great, out of this world feeling which I love! So do it! Download some new, awesome tunes and get exercising!!

Come back next week to find out my dream exercising wardrobe but at more affordable pricing because let's be honest us girls always find ourselves broke (or maybe it's just me, haha).

-Ash xx

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