Monday, 7 April 2014

Hellooooo my lovely darlings!

Our Man Crush this week is the delicious looking spaniard who goes by the name of Diego Barrueco*. He's on Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram AND features briefly in Ellie Goulding's new music video Beating Heart.
He's caught the attention of Acacia Brinley, Kendall Jenner and myself and trust me ladies when I notice a guy I promise you he's pretty damn special.

He is absolutely to die for.
He's got this badass look going on, really lush, long-ish hair and a striking jawline and so you can understand why he's getting so many offers for modelling work. He's actually got a really nice fashion sense and he goes on tumblr quite a lot which gives us the impression that he'd also be quite cool to hang out with. I found him through my friend who discovered him on twitter and we somehow found the street he lives on (I know, we're creepers) and we were jokingly (I think we were joking) saying how we plan to pay him a visit when we're in London, hopefully in the Easter holidays.

A few facts about Diego Barrueco
  1. He's got these really adorable freckles.
  2. He's quite hipster and is into rap and a big fan of Chris Brown which is really sad since I'm more of a Taylor Swift kind of girl. 
  3. He's smokes (just like Sean! What's with all these hot guys smoking?!)
  4. He really likes his pistachio nuts. 
  5. He's got tats! A really cute Hakuna Matata one and I think maybe more? 
  6. He's not a very big fan of Justin Bieber but a huge fan of Supreme
  7. He's Aquarius so yes ladies quickly search up if your zodiac sign and his zodiac match nicely.
He's also single FYI !! From what we've gathered I get the impression that he prefers brunettes and quite likes mixed race girls but I think he'd still go for a girl he just personally liked to be with.

That's all for this week's MCM but make sure to watch out for next week's male appreciation post because trust me, you seriously don't want to miss out on his beautiful face.

-Ash xo

* Diego, if you ever come across this post can we just take a sincere minute of silence to appreciate you visually. God bless your genes, babe.

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